Friday, 23 February 2018


Week 4- 5
Script and storyboarding
Week 6-7
Week 8-9
Week 10
Monday - first viewing
Tues - Thurs - final edits
Friday - final viewing

Thursday, 22 February 2018

Our wonderful Roxy Students

Absent: Wills

Info from Peter, the Roxy5 organiser

The awesome Darious Britt shares some words of wisdom when it comes to creating your own short film. 

Can you picture your favourite frame in a film? 
Composition is so important, if used well, in can be a storyteller in itself. 

This video tells you everything you need to think about when planning your storyboard. Don't forget you can find a storyboard template on our website or in the Roxy5 booklet we took to your school.

Saturday, 16 December 2017

Welcome to the Roxy 5 2018 Blog!

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Great to know that you are SO interested in Roxy 5 Film Competition in 2018!

There is lots of information for you to explore on this blog:
  • The 'Competition Details' page has the nuts and bolts of the competition
  • The 'Cool Info' page has lots of videos for you to watch - tips and hints
  • The 'Films to View' page has some Roxy winners from the past and other short films for you to view
The post below has a padlet embedded for you 
so you can add your ideas for the film over summer.  

Just click the + symbol to add a post-it.

Have fun!

Padlet for Ideation

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